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The other day advanced some ideas about how geomarketing can improve your business.

Do we have that in urban contexts th 80% of purchasing decissions are local based?

Geomarketing linked to mobile and portable devices like tablets is opening great opportunities field for sells.

The Off- and on-line world division lines are everyday blurrer, and geomarketing is creating the so called local influencer:

Local InfluencerWe have to consider the client before, during and after he visits our business. The most important for our eMarketing strategy is the Local Influencer, the #SoLoMo Superclient we are looking for: buys and help to sell.

A video in Spanish about geomarketing, a little bit old, but with essential concepts:

Source: via Red de Centros SAT on Pinterest



This week I had the opportunity to join a Geomarketing course @CentredeTurisme “Domingo Devesa” which the Generalitat Valenciana has in Benidorm. Diego Coquillat (@dcoquillat), entrepeneur (@elranchomadrid @10restaurantes) and expert on the issue applied to restaurants, gave us the keys to understand it.

First of all he explained how the marketing is facing an important model change related with geolocated social media networks.

From a face-to-face, limited to the business establishment relationship to a not presential and continuous one which has expanded from the present to the moment before, during and after the meeting. Technology has expanded space and time mixing the on-line with the off-line framework.

What we could do now when we want to buy a product o service?

  • After
  1. To (Re)Search: using Google, Bing, Yahoo! or other search engines
  2. To Consult: forums, platforms, webs, Social Media Networks, friends online, etc.
  3. To Reserve: on line, trough the reserve service of the web in question
  • During:
  1. To geolocate or pinpoint: Foursquare, Yelp!, Twitter, Facebook…
  2. To comment: Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.
  3. To take and share pictures: Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter
  • After:
  1. To opine: Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Yelp!, etc.
  2. To post in a blog

The client generates content and the old one direction communication scheme is no longer valid. That’s the essence of the 2.0 World Wide Web.

The focus  has changed from quality and price criteria to Sociability, Reputation and Values projected by the business. For the first time, in some sectors such Hotels in Spain, people is starting to pay for more expensive offers if the business are better valued on line.

Under this new model the satisfied clients became the best vendors, commercial agents and salesmen and women. They are what Diego Coquillat called the 3F Model (Fans, Followers, Friends).

All kind of statistics reasserts the growing importance of this new model, and reaffirms the increase of geomarketing in it. I attached an infographics that illustrates what I am trying to express.

ITs have changed for ever comercial communication which has evolved: global, social, cheaper and accesible. We are all prosumers -producers and consumers of digital contents- which modify the power balance: all of us are potential influencers in a greater o lesser dimension.

This offers challenges and oportunities for companies:

  • You are potentially scrutinized everyday by million of eyes.
  • You can consider your company under a daily audit.
  • The pressure to obtain excellence is higher than ever.
  • On the other hand you have a closer, sincerer and more human relationship with your clients
  • The reward is the connection with the  satisfied client’s emotions and his fidelity to the product, service or mark.

Actually, excellence has become another commodity you can buy and sell to some extent (e.g. in platforms such as Tripadvisor).

  • You cannot go out to sell like before 2.0 internet. This is no longer an only one direction communication channel. Now it is necessary to implement a dialogue and strategies of inbound marketing: to provide a kind service or help that keep the follower linked to the mark as a lead, a possible client, or future sell of the desired product/service.
  • It is impossible to control. Even if a mark or company try to step back from 2.0  internet, users are going to criticise the service or product anyway. So the most intelligent strategy is to open channels to receive notifications and have the chance to respond when and how appropiate.

Diego Coquillat offered us his interpretation of SOLOMO (Social, Local, Mobile) approach to marketing.

His formula is the following: (E+G+V)2.0=F3

Source: Uploaded by user via Manuel Pulido Mendoza on Pinterest


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