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El Porque del Uso de Google plus en tu estrategia Web. Solo porque el 98% del tráfico de España pasa por Google deberíamos estar en Google Plus

Manuel PulidoMendoza‘s insight:

We might know why Google+ should be in our web strategy

  • Improve SEO in the results in Google search engine
  • You can integrate in all the other Google apps, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Hotel Finder and  Google Voice.
  • Make sure that your business or mark appears in Google Places and Google Maps.
  • This improve your mark visibility on line and allow users comment contents.
  • May be integranted in Google Analytics to control how the content is viewed and shared.
  • Google Plus is constantly improving and expandingse encuentra en constante expansión y mejora.
  • Confirm your authorship in contents’ generation with Google Authorship.

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