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7 razones para incorporar el diseño de infografías a tu estrategia de marketing de contenidos.

Manuel PulidoMendoza‘s insight:

Here I share some ideas in Spanish about why we should use infographics:

1. Easy storytelling everybody likes

2. Infographics is a trendtopic and a hot keyword

3. Virality: improve SEO, ideal in Pinterest

4. Generate sells because people like visual learning

5. Convincing: it generates links and traffic

6. Reputation: Creates know how mark, improve personal or mark/business branding

7. Quite easy to create with  PiktochartVisual.lyInfogr.amMany Eyes  and among other tools.

I would add an 8th bullet: infographics are instructive, so are perfect for eLearning, to easily develope a complex idea. I’m in love with them

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